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As an award winning educator I have been teaching and learning in Vermont for over 20 years.  I love working as a guest conductor at regional music festivals and taking on special projects -(like the Our Time project listed below!).  In addition to artist-in-residencies, and commissions I am also available to provide professional development for school and teachers in arts integration, project based learning and curriculum design through Savi Ed Labs

I specialize in cultivating a highly creative and authentic learning environment that supports students in building autonomy and purpose.

Recent student projects include:

Travelers: The Time Traveling Mixtape Musical in which students produced a full-length musical.

The Limes: Transforming the Cabot School band and chorus into a working rock band that performs over 30 shows and records an album. 

Our Time:  In 2016, I worked with Up For Learning to produce the Our Time music video featuring over 100 Vermont student singers and musicians. Charged with the mission of amplifying student voice through songwriting + film,  the music video was created to help shepherd in a new era of teaching and learning.  Since it's release in May of 2016, The video has been used as a powerful messaging tool in both Vermont and across the globe about the urgent need for student voice and agency in schools.