SoundCheck performing at Higher Ground Ballroom

SoundCheck performing at Higher Ground Ballroom

SoundCheck is a band of select high school musicians and singers creating and performing music to fight for social justice.  The students work with music educators, prominent singer-songwriters and anti-racist educators to develop original material that tackles racism, injustice and hate.  The band regularly performs and facilitates workshops at New England high schools using art and music as a catalyst to spark dialogue, action and awareness.  

This project is made possible in part by grants from the Rowland Foundation, The Bay + Paul Foundations, and our community of Go Fund Me donors. Thank you!

Learn more about SoundCheck here.


In 2016, I worked with Up For Learning to produce the Our Time music video featuring over 100 Vermont student singers and musicians. Charged with the mission of amplifying student voice through songwriting + film,  the music video was created to help shepherd in a new era of teaching and learning.  Since it's release in May of 2016, The video has been used as a powerful messaging tool in both Vermont and across the globe about the urgent need for student voice and agency in schools.